Back to Life


   I feel like a zombie as I walk out of the TSI testing room, groaning and moaning as I wait for my ride. I obviously wasn’t a fan of testing (and I really don’t think anyone else is) especially when I take a test that’s meant for people at least four years older than me. I see my mom’s small black sportscar zoom through the parking lot and jerk to a stop right in front of me. She asks me the regular “mom questions” but I couldn’t even answer them with a proper sentence because I felt almost braindead.

   As I walked up the porch steps I dragged my feet willing them to at least make it to my room. Climbing the stairs felt like it took 2x longer than normal but as I fell onto my small bed I was quickly relieved. Laying on the bed was relaxing but it wasn’t the only thing I did to wake up from my zombie-like state, I pulled my phone out of my backpack and pushed my headphones into the jack. After pushing a couple buttons and I was content once again, listening to the sounds of the classical music rush into my ears. 

   The music brought me back to life.


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