Bullying. A word that only triggers a sense in our mind that something is bad. But the thing is bullying is only a word, it’s the actions behind the words that truly scare us back into our shells. Pain and hurt are not only being afflicted on the ones being bullied, it’s also physical and mental emotions the bully might be feeling too. Bullying can be caused by things from the past or things that are happening right now, another thing it can be caused by is peer pressure meaning their friends are bullying them, or pressuring them, into hurting others.

As we all must know, bullying happens a lot from teens who are very vulnerable and emotional. These teens could be suffering from abuse at home or abuse from the past, being abused can be a very damaging action  that can shadow on to your future as you grow up. Many of these teens don’t know how to handle the emotions that are being pushed upon them because, most of the time, they have no one to talk to and no one to express their feelings to. So as a way of getting out their emotions they bully others. Seeing others getting hurt instead of them makes them feel some sort of power, but it doesn’t last them long so what they do is they keep hurting others to make them feel better.

Peer pressure is something we see often, friends doing it to friends and sometimes strangers doing it to strangers but the thing is sometimes it’s not for the best. Even though people just want to fit they should have limits to what they will and will not do, but most kids don’t because they will literally do anything to fit in. Personally, I think that hurting others is definitely something I would never do to fit in because emotional scars last forever. I think that people think bullying others puts them on the top, it makes them cooler than others, but it doesn’t it makes you a horrible person that no one wants to be around. Even though physical bullying hurts what people say digs deep and buries itself in your brain and is left there for the deep dark nights where there is no one there to help you cope. Suicide is another word people hate but all in all it’s only just a word. Actions, actions have definitions and suicide is a definition for an action. Bullying can and will lead up to a fate like this and living with the burden that it was your fault someone else took their own life is a burden no one wants to live with.

  Bullying causes pain. So why do it?


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